Our Heritage

Four generations of Service 1910-Present

Four Generations of Fee's. Horse drawn carriage
Fee and Sons has provided services in the local area, and Flagstaff County for more than 100 years. It all started in 1906, as Albert Edward Fee left his family farm in Ontario, and moved to Edmonton to learn the hardware business at Chowan’s Hardware, and Ross Bros.

A.E. Fee then started searching for a place to start his own business, and in 1910 found a building in Killam, and opened A.E. Fee Hardware and Paints. 
From that point on he had many businesses, and services from owning Imperial Gasoline; two dealerships, Massy Harris tractors, and GM cars; the Empire Theater; a joint fur business with Jack Ruzicka in the Prague district, and served as MLA in the Sedgewick constituency with the social credits from 1935-1952 .

Albert Edward Fee, Founder of A.E. Fee Funeral HomeA.E. Fee's passion was to serve people, and in 1913 he opened a Funeral Parlor. During the flu epidemic of 1918, he truly did help his community, at a great time of need.  A.E. Fee was one of the first to take, and receive his embalmers license when the Association of Funeral Directors was formed in 1928. In 1935, A.E Fee started an ambulance service that was operated by him, and his sons (Gordon and Edward) until 1975, when the County of Flagstaff took the service over.

A.E. Fee Hardware Store

Gordon Fee, Second Generation Funeral Director at Fee & Sons Funeral HomeGordon (SIG) Fee was the second son of four to A.E. Fee, and practically grew up in the funeral business. He apprenticed under his father, and in 1937 received his funeral director, and embalmers license. Sig helped his father until he went to war dispatching ambulances in central Europe.

Early picture of A.E. Funeral Home and Furniture Store

Edward Fee, Licensed Funeral DirectorSig's younger brother, and A.E. Fee's third son, Edward Fee trained and was working for CJCA Edmonton as a radio broadcaster, and during the war served as a radio trainer in Canada and the USA. Upon the end of WWII Edward then started his apprenticeship in 1946, and was licensed in 1948 as a funeral director, and embalmer.
The brothers became business partners with A.E. Fee in 1946, and the name was changed from A.E. Fee & Sons to Fee & Sons LTD. The business of the day then was furniture, hardware, and undertaking. This meant, and still applies today, that the hours of operation are as you are needed. A.E Fee had passed on the Honesty, Quality, and Efficiency to his sons, and the Strength, and Willingness to serve the community when needed.

Edward Fee, Reg Fee and Gordon Fee

Reg Fee was the eldest of two sons to Gordon and Dora. Reg apprenticed with his dad and received his license in 1965. Reg was the third generation of Fee to obtain his funeral director, and embalmers license. He then went to work in Edmonton as the business could not support three families. Reg worked for Park Memorial Funeral Chapel for two years, Nine months for Sherman's Hardware in Fort Saskatchewan and 11 years for Howard McBride Funeral Home in Edmonton.

Reg Fee, Owner and Licensed Funeral Director of Fee & Sons Funeral HomeReg and Ann moved back to Killam in 1978 to take over the Hardware and Funeral Home. The name then changed to Fee & Sons (1978) Ltd. Since returning to Killam, Reg was very involved in both his church and community, he was on parish council twice, and chaired the finance committee. He led the singing at mass for 30 years; he served two terms on the Killam Town Council as a councilor and two terms as mayor. He was chair of the Killam Chamber of Commerce on two different occasions; the president of the Killam Legion numerous time; a member of the Knights of Columbus; coached and managed a lot of hockey teams; was chairman of The Killam General Hospital Board for 13 years, and served two terms on the Alberta Funeral Service Regulatory Board.Reg and Ann Fee
Families have often said that, Reg had a calming effect in a very difficult time, and that he was a very compassionate man who did everything he could to make difficult time, much easier for them.
 Horse Drawn Carriage at Fee & Sons Funeral Home
Joe Spiller, Licensed Funeral Director at Fee & Sons Funeral HomeIn 1986 Reg hired Joe Spiller to work and do books for the Hardware, and Funeral businesses.  Often, there were times when Reg needed a hand to lift a casket or make a removal, and since the boys were in college and school, Joe was willing to fill that role. Perhaps a little apprehensive at first, but he did oblige, and in 1990 was licensed as a funeral director and embalmer. Joe has also served as Killam Chamber treasurer/ book keeper; served a term on town council; coached minor hockey, and volunteered with numerous other organizations. Joe continues to be a very valuable employee to Fee and Sons, and Reg's relationship with Joe was just like one that he had with his sons. Joe is a devoted husband, a great father, he is very caring, compassionate ,and understanding.  Joe is well respected in our community, our company, and our family.
Lee Fee, 4th Generation Licensed Funeral DirectorLes Fee is the third son of Reg and Ann and also grew up in the business. Les would help his father with; installing headstones; setting up graves and watching the goings on in the funeral home, all at a very young age. Les quit high school 1994 and went to work at Rempel Chev Olds in Hardisty where he had intentions of becoming a mechanic. When he told his Dad this, Reg took a moment and replied by saying “if you go back complete high school, we'll apprentice you in the funeral home!" and so Les took him up on his offer. Les completed high school and started his apprenticeship in 1997 and was licensed in 1999 becoming the fourth generation to receive this Diploma.
Les continued to work with Fee & Sons from 2000 to 2012 in smaller capacity (removals, embalming when needed or assisting on funerals) as he started a Landscape /excavation business as the funeral home was unable to support three families. Les did this by following his father’s business qualities; working hard, providing good customer service, and high quality workmanship. Les has also served his community as a Killam Town Councillor, serves as a Member of the Legion, Member of the Ag Society and volunteering when called upon.
 Horse Drawn Carriage at Fee & Sons Funeral Home
Cheryl Fee, Licensed Funeral Director at Fee & Sons Funeral HomeCheryl Fee is the daughter of Rick and Trish Bergseth, and was raised on a farm north of Lougheed, Alberta. Cheryl met Les in November of 1997, and began dating. In May 2001 Les and Cheryl had their first daughter Chloe. Wedding bells were delayed, but in August 2006, Les and Cheryl made their family official. Then in 2007, they had their son Sawyer, and in 2010 they had their daughter Langsten. Cheryl has had to serve in her own capacity as a mother, and also being a mother with a disabled child. Chloe was born with Cerebral Palsy and Cheryl has had to parent with extra patience, care and compassion. In October 2011 Cheryl was asked to help on funerals due to Reg's illness and she has since then decided to take her schooling for a funeral director. The attributes Cheryl possesses will make her a great funeral director.
Service to Be Continued…..
 The Staff at Fee & Sons Funeral Home
Fee & Sons (1978) Ltd. Funeral Home & Crematorium has been providing Quality, Honest and Dignified service since 1913.  With this legacy, It is our mission to continue providing this service for years to come.
Fee & Sons staff is committed to ethically sound, compassionate service, and are dedicated to the care, and well being of the families they serve. We serve our Communities of Flagstaff County and Area by caring for the citizens, and their loved ones in times of need.
Fee and Sons are members of  the AFSA (Alberta Funeral Service Association), the FSAC (Funeral Service Association of Canada) and the CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business).                          
Fee & Sons (1978) Ltd. is licensed and regulated by the AFSRB (Alberta Funeral Service Regulatory Board).

Fee & Sons Funeral Home